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Argania Spinosa 

      Argan Oil originates from Morocco, it is extracted from the Nuts of the Argan Tree, also known as The Tree of Life. The Moroccan people have been using it for centuries but only in recent times have these amazing properties been brought to light. The Argan Tree grows native to the south of Morocco and therefore Argan Oil is one of the rarest Oils in the world due to the small and very specific growing area. The Kernels of the Argan Nut are gently roasted before being crushed and Cold Pressed to extract the Oil.


     Argan oil is highly rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, Omega Oils & Vitamin E, & is valued for its ability to regenerate and nourish dry, unhealthy and damaged hair.


     Argan Oil is non-greasy, with a beautiful natural aroma, that is instantly absorbed into your hair, creating silky, conditioned hair that looks & feels absolutely healthy with gorgeous shine and does not leave an oily residue.


     Argan oil is highly rich in essential fatty acids oleic and lineoic acids (47%) as well as in vitamin E (60-90mg/1OOg) which positively boost our skin regenerating capabilities.  It repairs and protects the skin against droughts and external aggressions, preventing its premature aging thanks to its essential fatty acids.  Argan oil vitamin E richness, gives its antioxidant qualitiesIt protects muscles from degeneration associated with aging.












     For a cosmetic use, it softens the skin, revitalizes the tired and wrinkled parts by rehydrating and giving the skin its lost youthful elasticity.  Argan oil is also highly effective as a relief middle in cases of burns, scars and the like. Argan oil has a strengthening effect for nails and hair.  Argan oil is widely used in the local recipes as well as in traditional medicine as a treatment of skin diseases such as acne and chickenpox (varicella).  Currently, it is used as a medicinal product and active ingredient in many cosmetics and increasingly used by international and famous beauty specialists. 

Argan Oil has been used for:

  • Massage

  • Rheumatism

  • Hair Loss

  • Dandruff

  • Acne

  • Burns

  • Wrinkles

  • Dry Skin

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